Our Mission Is Simple.
Help People Live Their Best Lives!

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Our Practice

At healthy Bodies Medical & Dental Center we see people instead numbers. Immerse yourself into a friendly comfortable atmosphere where medical and dental services are based only on the expertise of physicians and dentists. Our facility is state of the art designed with people in mind. We established Health Bodies Medical and Dental Center in 2016 after experiencing professionally and personally the limitations and worst outcomes of today's corporate medical care and corporate dental care. We believed medical & dental servicess should not be deleivered to people like fast food.


After several years of talking with our patients and family about their medical and dental experiences we became more inspired to  create a place for people seeking a better alternative to their standard medical and dental experience. At healthy Bodies Medical & Dental Center our doctors have more time to listen your concerns. Our doctors have more time to learn what you need and our doctors have more time to do more in one visit. Our care is not the ordinary. Our care is better. 

The Luxury Of A Refined Medical & Dentistry Experience 

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Watson Ducatel

Internal Medicine Specialist

Meet Dr W. Ducatel Medical Services

Dr. Martha Ducatel

Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Meet Dr M. Ducatel Dental Services


Sherry Johnson
Dental Hygienist


Shanteley Herrara
Medical Assistant


Paola Iraheta
Patient Care Coordinator


Roshonda Carrie
Dental Assistant

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We encourage our patients to stay connected with us on day to day bases.

Dental Care

Includes A Dental Consultation

Includes Radiographs

Includes 2 Basic Teeth Cleanings with Flouride Treatments

Includes Medical Consultation

Includes Discounts On All Dental Procedures

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Medical & Dental Care

Includes A Medical & Dental Consultation.

Includes 2 Basic Teeth Cleanings.

Includes Consulting Our Doctor By Phone Or At The Office.

Includes Radiographs.

Includes Discounts On All Dental Procedures.

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Medical Care

Includes Medical Advice & Medical Treatment.

Includes Consults With Our Doctor By Phone or At The Office.

Includes A Dental Consultation.

Includes Office Diagnostic Procedures.

Includes Discounts On Dental Procedures.

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