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Our Creation 

In 2015 we decided to take our practice of medicine and dentistry to a higher level. We talked with many people who improved their oral and physical health with our help. We talked with people who have experience with being patients in this current medical and dental system. After listening and learning about all of their experiences and reflecting on experiences of our own we confirmed that we needed take a different approach.

Our goal was to elevate people’s medical and dental experience, practice medicine and dentistry with excellence and help as many people as possible get healthy. In 2017 we opened our state of the art office in Brandon, Florida. We designed our office to be based upon principles that strengthen the connection between ourselves and those who need us. Today we are more focused than ever as we work hard to bring to our community True Health Care for your entire body. 

Our Inspiration

We believe there is something magical about people improving lives of other people. It is the reason we created our brand of health care. With our medical and dental expertise we have helped hundreds of people work hard to get healthy so that they may love the life they live. Inspired by seeing people improve the lives of other people we are focus on improving the condition of people’s bodies whether by helping them improve the look of their teeth or by helping them conquer medical illnesses and gain more confidence. For us there is no greater calling than helping people improve their lives by obtaining and maintaining healthy bodies.

Our Motivation

At Healthy Bodies we chose the motto “ Get Healthy” because it expresses our motivation for the actions we take to improve physical health.  We recognize that our bodies are the means by which we live and we cannot live without them.  Our motivation to help others and ourselves get healthy is about increasing all of our ability to physically enjoy life as much as we can. We believe enjoying our lives is optimal living and therefore we’re committed to using our medical and dental expertise to pursue it.