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We Are Fine Medical & Dental Care

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Experience The Luxury of Private Healthcare

We are independently owned and focused on deeply understanding your unique medical and dental challenges.Your care is from doctors only and we work by reservation and membership only so that less of your time is wasted lobbies and more of your time is spent directly with the physician and dentist.  All of your time at our office is reserved exclusively for you to ensure that we have an opportunity learn what opportunities you have to make yourself physically healthy as possible.  

Excellence Is Our Standard

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Our Fusion of Medicine & Dentistry

At Healthy Bodies our extensive knowledge in both medicine and dentistry help people make their bodies feel great and look amazing. We explore the deep connections between what is happening inside your mouth and rest of your body to improve your overall physical health. We have expertise in Internal Medicine (the art of healing of internal organs like the heart, lungs and stomach),  cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. Whether your primary concern is tooth pain or stomach pain we will be ready to evaluate your more body holistically.

Get Checked Out & Ease Your Mind

Ask our doctor any question you want about your health or medical treatment. During your consultation you will receive a detailed understanding of your health status and how to improve. Our doctor will spend more time listening when you are talking and then evaluate your health concerns throughly.  If you rather get checked at home no worries. You can see our doctor from the comfort of your home, while you're traveling or at our office. Our medical services are available to you anywhere you are. 

Make Your Teeth Look Beautiful

If you are not satisfied with the way your teeth look or you have problems with your teeth and gums our dentist will explore with you what possibilities you have to make your teeth absolutely beautiful and healthy . During your consultation you will receive a full evaluation of your teeth and your oral health that includes screenings for gum disease, oral cancer and other medical diseases that occur in the mouth. 

No Insurance Needed

We do not require any medical or dental insurance to receive treatment or advice. We believe every adult is important should be able to take advantage of our fine medical & dental care. If you have medical or dental insurance then we will use it as much as we can. If you have no medical or dental insurance then we will help you directly as much as we can.  All fees will be discussed, agreed upon and collected before treatment.

Get Started Today

1. Reserve A Consultation

Call us at 813-540-5005 and speak with our staff to reserve a consultation or request a consultation online at the bottom of this page. 

2. Complete Our Forms

After reserving your consultation sign our intake forms from your computer, smart phone, tablet or sign them in person prior to your first consultation. 

3. Arrive At Our Office

Arrive at our office 10 minutes prior to your consultation time. It is reserved exclusively for you and our doctor & dentist will be waiting for you.