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Exclusive Medical Care

At Health Bodies when you see our doctor it's like private event. Your time at our office is reserved just for you and It's exclusive to only you and our doctor. There is no wait. There is no stand-ins for our physician so you will always get the upmost medical expertise. Our medical care is rooted in making sure that you receive the best medical treatment possible. We require strong communication and ensure that you can talk with our doctor with the time you need. Our Exclusive Medical Care is the type of medical care doctors get when they become the patients. 

Get Treated Right Away Don't Wait

Need Urgent Care? Call us. Call us whenever you feel sick, whenever you are worried about having a medical illness or whenever need medical advice. Our fast check-in and no wait process will have you in front of our doctor as soon as possible.

No Insurance Needed To See Our Doctor

Our exclusive medical care is available to every adult even without health insurance. Our Premium Medical Service is a great choice if you have no health insurance because you can come see our doctor whenever you need, get discounts on medical labs and stop worrying about the the doctor's bill. 

Use Our Medical Care Anywhere

Use our exclusive medical care wether you at home in bed or sitting in one of our consultation suites. Get medical care and medical advice inside and outside our office whenever you need.

Find Out Why You Are Feeling Sick.

Use our doctor to help you get the answers you need when you feel sick. With our exclusive medical care you will never have to be sort out whats wrong with your body by yourself. 

Resolve Your Ongoing Health Issues

Do you have chronic health issues? Use our exclusive medical care to help you finally achieve better health.  We have the time, the patience and the expertise to help you  put an end to dealing with health problems that can be resolved.

Get Rid Of Needing To Take Medicine

Talk with our doctor to figure out how to lessen the medicine your body needs to be get healthy and feel great. We know taking medication is not fun and is not natural. We are ready to help get rid of them. 

Heal With Osteopathic Treatments

Osteopathic treatment is a medical therapy to improve muscle function, nerve function skeletal function and organ function using our hands. It is a non invasive, painless alternative way of healing. 

Go Premium Today! You're Worth it. 

Sign up for our Premium Medical Service and get medical care, virtual medical care and primary care whenever you need for a monthly Fee. Never worry about how much going to see our doctor will cost you again and call, text or email our doctor whenever you need. Our Premium Medical Service is designed to approach your medical care they way we approach medical care when the patients are doctors themselves.

Keep Your Employees Healthy Too

Use our exclusive medical care to protect your small business by keeping your staff healthy and able to have access to a personal doctor whenever they need. Our exclusive medical care for small business owners  is design to help you with your business’s very own medical team. Your team no longer need to be without health care again. To get started please contact us at

Get Exclusive Medical Care In The Hospital

Use our exclusive medical care even when you have to go to the hospital. There nothing like having your own personal doctor take care of you in the hospital when you are at some of your most challenging moments.