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Our Internal Medicine

Urgent care

Get instant expert medical treatment without all the hassles.  You don’t need to wait until next week or in a long line to see our doctor. You don’t have to settle on seeing a nurse practitioner or a doctor’s assistant when you really need to see the physician. We can thoroughly evaluate and treat your medical concerns without delay, without insurance and without and appointment.

Our Internal Medicine

Ongoing Care

Make your healthcare personal. Our medical care is exceptional at healing people who have ongoing medical challenges. Our medical care for chronic conditions  is consistent, effective and based on measurable results.  Our goal is to help you get healthy.  

Our Internal Medicine


Find out what’s making you feel sick. We fully investigate what is causing your illness using a detailed diagnostic approach. We dedicate time to listen to your concerns. We dedicate time to learn about your experiences. We specialize in diseases that affect the organs inside your body like diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure and more.

Our Internal Medicine

Hospital Care

 Improve your hospital experience. Our Hospital Medical Care is designed to help you heal faster and increase your comfort when you’re feeling your worst.  Our affordable upfront fees help ease worry about medical costs and our private Hospital Medical Care allow you to be more informed about your treatment in the hospital.  While in the  hospital we will help you make the best medical decision based on your needs and will be available to talk with you directly when you need. 


Manipulative  Treatment

Try improving the way you feel and function without using medications. Osteopathic Manipulation also known as Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy or Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine  is a hands-on approach to improving muscles spasms, skeletal pain, blood circulation, nerve function, organ function, infection and inflammation.  We use non invasive hand techniques aimed at removing physiological barriers to body function and body healing.   

Our Internal Medicine

Blood Analysis

Analyze your blood and your urine for abnormal body function, diseases, infections or inflammation. Our blood and urine analysis with help you make sure that you have optimal sugar levels, balanced cholesterol levels, optimal blood levels, optimal protein levels, balanced sodium, potassium and calcium levels. We also will  help you analyze your heart, lungs, kidneys liver digestive system, hormone system and immune system.

Our Concierge Level

Medical Service

"It's the level of medical service doctors get when they need medical care."

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 Frequently Asked Questions.

The Internal Organs

Our Specialty

Hypothalmus & Pituitary Gland Health

The hypothalmus and pituitary gland makes chemicals that tell the internal organs of the body to make different types of hormones.  Together they control the production of most of all the hormones in the human body. The hyopthamus is part of the brain and the pituitary is a gland that hangs from the brain. We have one hypothalmus and one pituitary. 

Thyroid & Parathyroid Health

The Thyroid gland allow our bodies use energy faster whenever we need it. It can control the speed of our metoblism and control our ebnergy levels. The Thyroid has another part called the parathyroid which can control calcium, vitamin D, phospurus and other chemical levels. We have one thyroid gland and multiple parathyroid glands. 

Heart & Circulation Health

The heart push blood through our body. Blood flows from the heart to tubes called blood vessels. We have one heart and thousands of blood vessel branches that push blood to every part of our bodies 24 hours a day. 

Lungs & Respiration Health

The lungs release gases that build up inside of our bodies and restock our bodies with oxygen and nitrogen. Oxygen is required to produce energy for our bodies and nitrogen is required for good blood vessel health. We have two lungs and could survive with one healthy lung. 

Esophagus, Stomach & Digestion Health

The Esophagus is like a long tube that connects our mouth to our stomach. It passes solid foods and  liquids to our stomach. The Esophagus can be injured with acid from the stomach. The stomach is a pouch with acid that melts down food and liquids. Once the stomach has melted down the food and liquid with acid  it passes it to the intestines and colon for the completion of digestion.  

Liver & Gallbladder Health

The liver is one the biggest internal organs. The liver detoxify our bodies, aid in digestion and metobolism. The liver can make cholesterol, sugar and fat. The liver detoxify our bodies of alcohol, medications, iron, copper and other substances. We have one liver. 

Pancreas & Metabolic Health

Our Pancreas make chemicals that allow us to digest sugars, fats and protiens. Insulin is made in the pancreas and digest sugars for our body to use as energy. We have only one pancreas.  

Kidney & Adrenal Health

Our Kidneys filters our blood and eliminate toxins and extra chemical from our bodies. We have two kidneys  and survive with only one. The Adrenal glands help our body work better under stressful situations. We have two adrenal glands that are independant of the other. 

Blood & Immunologic Health

Blood is made the mixture of fuild, gases, cells and other chemicals. The Blood's job is to  carries fluid, chemicals, gases and small circular things called cells which are the tinest living part of our bodies. The Blood is red becuase of  the iron and protien that is inside the red blood cell. Our blood also has other cells which provide protection from viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. They cells that protect us from viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites are called opur immune system. We have billions of cells but only about 5-7 liters of blood in our body.