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Internal Medicine

Core Medical Services

Investigate Abnormal Symptoms, Signs


Screening For Diseases & Injuries


Stimulate Healing With Medicines & Procedures


Reduce Risk Of Developing Diseases


What Does An Internal Medicine Specialist Do?

An Internal Medicine Specialist Improves The Health & Function Of Organs Inside The Body Of Adults.  


Areas Of Our Medical Expertise

The Hypothalamus & Pituitary Gland 


The Thyroid & Parathyroid Glands

The Heart & Circulation System


The Lungs & Respiratory System

The Esophagus, Stomach, Intestines  & Digestion System


The Liver & Gallbladder

The Adrenal Glands & Stress Response


The Pancreas Gland & Metabolism

The Kidneys & Urinary System


The Blood & Immune System

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Dr. Watson Ducatel

Internal Medicine Specialist

“ I help people improve their health so that they can live a more fulfilling life!. Every adult over 18+ can benefit from having a personal Medical Advisor. I am ready to teach you how to obtain your optimal health.”

We use the most up-to-date medical knowledge, diagnostic methods and equipment during our medical treatment and counseling. We empower our patients to make decisions that will allow them to live a better life. Dr. Ducatel is an expert in Internal Medicine who can diagnose and treat several medical problems. We are delighted to help you.

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